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I dug a little into my old backups and decided to resurrect two projects. I just blew the dust off them and changed some outdated parts a bit.

Hope it still serves.

So the first one is – a Swiss army knife of tiny useful online utilities like Base64/JSON/HTML/URL encoder, encrypt/decrypt messages, IP-address info and others. Yeah, they don’t look trendy, but are lightweight and should be handy. Actually the reason to restore it was to implement some other tools that I need myself from time to time and this project already contains a code I can base on. Feel free to bookmark it, there should be more useful tools added soon.

The second one is this blog 😉 So far it had only two posts in Czech. They will stay untouched (I’m just too lazy to translate or remove them), but all subsequent posts I’m going to have in English. I will talk about tech, programming and travelling with some drifts into non-core topics (like why trained eagles are probably the best remedy against drones).

Stay tuned!

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